Wednesday, June 24, 2015

2 Girls Flower Rompin'




The end of May/ beginning of June marks the start of Rainy Season in Japan. Humidity levels rise, thunderstorms become quite frequent, downpours are expected several times a week and every store you pass is touting different kawaii/ fashionable rain gear- rainboots, rain shoes, light rain coats, ponchos, and umbrellas in every color and style you can imagine. But the best part is the sudden explosion of blooming hydrangeas (ajisai) that last all month and add so much vibrant color all over the city, surrounding suburbs, and the rest of the country for that matter. It kind of feels like a second-wave sakura season. There are destinations where hundreds to thousands of hydrangea are planted just for viewing pleasure and appreciation during June. There are festivals in many well known hydrangea-heavy areas, and even some snacks shaped (and maybe?) flavoured like the ajisai.

I made a bosom-friend through instagram a bit ago, and we went exploring one day to a park in a little Tokyo neighborhood to take in the scenery. We also went to a festival together, but I didn't have my camera with me then, and all the booths were empty or being taken down by the time we arrive in the late afternoon anyway. It was still a lovely time though. These photos are from a park in Oji, where tons of hydrangea are planted along a little footpath at the base of a park and along some train tracks. It was the most beautiful sight. I love going places with Sarah because we're really similar in the way we like to explore and enjoy things. She also gets really into taking in details and scenery, and we have a lot of fun taking pictures to together and appreciating beautiful things. I never feel rushed or like I'm worried about wasting her time or making her bored, and it's nice that our paces seem so in tune. She's also an INFP so I'm sure that helps;) Anyway, she let me take some photos of her- isn't she lovely? And she was kind enough to take some of me too- thank you Sarah!<3









Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Emerald City






How can there be any words to describe this scenery? My first sight of the forest actually did catch my breath in my chest. Like stepping into someone else's dreamscape. So many hues. So many textures. It was such a beautiful day with so many beautiful sights.







Japan is a fairytale.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Own Backyard






A little bit ago when the weather was cooler, and it was a particularly breezy spring evening, Ryan and I went walking around
our neighborhood to see new sights and get a bite or two to eat. We live in an apartment building with a very small ( and very
industrial and not quite useable) balcony- so having our own private outdoor space is only the stuff of dreams right now. However,
we've noticed something that looks like a back garden to our building on the opposite side of the entrance, and decided to try
and find a way in. The warm weather and rain in May made a veritable jungle out of what seems like it once was a small traditional
Japanese style zen garden of sorts. It was beautiful to see nature taking over all the stone foundations and walls of old structures,
and all the flowers blooming made it feel somewhat magical. I'm definitely going to want to visit again soon, although I do wonder
if the residents on the ground floor, whose windows and balconies overlook the garden would be annoyed to find it not so vacant as usual.





We took some new side streets we hadn't turned down before and there were several beautiful details to see. This eye-catching yellow and blue staircase was just too great, and how cute is that tiny playground dinosaur! I really love this hoody dress from Niko And. It's so so comfortable but somehow still feels elegant even though it's a glorified snuggy. It's definitely the thickest, sturdiest, and most well made hoody type item that I own, and I'm kind of sad I didn't get to wear it more before summer. I didn't wear it much in the winter because it was too cold and I didn't have a coat long enough to wear with it, and now the weather has jumped straight to 'too hot for sleeves.' Also, I had a really difficult time photographing my No-Face pin I got from the ghibli museum, so I hope you can all see it okay. It's tiny and reflects glare really badly, so it was tricky to capture, but it's the cutest and I love it so much. I didn't take our camera to the museum because photos aren't allowed inside anyway, but I might need to share some phone photos from the outside soon, because, SO CUTE.





We took side streets all the way to the main part of town, stopping for fun vending machine drinks along the way, and decided on a tiny old wood sushi joint behind the main road for dinner. I had the best, biggest, softest raw scallops of my life, and we were the only people inside except for a little old man around the corner of the counter. The chef was excited about Japanese, but could also understand English quite well and told us he was a sushi chef in New York for a while. No prices were marked, so we happily ate away and almost fell off our seats a little at the bill total. oops. There went our eating out budget for May. ha.

From Japan,